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SMC Fund I, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


SMC Fund I, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company (the "Company") is seeking capital commitments from investors in the amount of at least Thirty Million Dollars ($30,000,000) and a maximum of Fifty Million Dollars ($50,000,000). The Company will operate as a fund to provide all the equity requirements for the acquisition of one (1) or more single member limited liability companies (the "Operating Companies") that will acquire, own and operate upper tier multifamily properties, consisting of an aggregate of approximately two thousand (2,000) rentable residential apartment units located throughout the United States (the "Venture"). The properties will be selected by the Company's manager, Summit MultiCapital, LLC (the "Manager").

The Manager and its related entities already own and manage multifamily assets located in the Rocky Mountain, Midwest, and Southwest regions of the U.S.

The Manager is looking to grow its multifamily assets going forward predominantly in the Rocky Mountain and Western regions of the country and will also consider acquiring other multifamily assets in the metropolitan areas where there is an opportunity to provide superior returns to investors. The Manager is creating the Company for the purpose of acquiring the necessary capital to make these investments, which will consist of properties similar to the ones shown above. Most new acquisitions will be less than twenty (20) years old. The Manager plans to invest the Company's funds in markets where people are moving for lifestyle changes and dynamic employment growth.

The Company will engage the services of Summit MultiCapital Advisors, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company ("SMA") and an affiliate of the Manager, who will assist the Company in managing the Company's assets, locate and evaluate multifamily properties for acquisition by the Company, negotiate on behalf of the Company the acquisition of such properties, including the ascertaining or assumption of any debt in connection with the acquisition, and an eventual sale of the property.

“Renters are increasingly choosing to renew their leases and are paying a premium to do so.”

Jay Parsons, vice president of MPF Research



The Company is a real estate investment fund formed by the Manager for the purpose of investing in operating companies (the "Operating Companies") that will own fee simple ownership of multifamily properties located across the United States.

The Company's primary strategy is to acquire, add value to, and reposition income ­producing multifamily properties. The Company is looking to grow its multifamily assets going forward predominantly in the Rocky Mountain and Western regions of the country and will also consider acquiring other multifamily assets in metropolitan areas where there is an apportunity to provide superior returns for investors, using the Company's investment strategy and process. Asset classifications will include value-add, stabilized high grade core and student housing properties. Most new acquisitions will be less than 20 years old. The Company plans to concentrate its acquisitions in markets where people are moving for lifestyle changes and dynamic employment growth.

The Company will operate as a fund to provide all the equity requirements of one (1) or more single member Operating Companies that will acquire, own and operate multifamily properties, consisting of an aggregate of approximately two thousand (2,000) rentable residential apartment units, located throughout the United States (the "Venture"). Each Operating Company will be organized as a limited liability company, being wholly owned by the Company. Each Operating Company will own only one (1) property. The Company will seek opportunities to acquire, own and operate multifamily properties that best meet the investment objective of the Company.

"In 2016, new supply of multifamily units will continue to enter the market at levels not seen since the 1980s; meanwhile, plans for additional construction continue to increase."

according to Freddie Mac Multifamily Outlook 2016

SMC Fund I, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


The Company is currently managed by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations

Herbert Newman

Principal / Chairman
Herbert Newman was born and raised in Akron, Ohio, and originally focused his career in northeast Ohio. He graduated from Ohio State University and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Akron School of Law.

After practicing law, he then served as director of Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority for five years. During his tenure as Director, he pioneered several project concepts now used nationwide. Mr. Newman devised the use of tax-free financing of subsidized housing by using revenue bonds sold under Federal Housing Regulation 81l(b) which he partially authored. He also wrote many of the laws now governing HUD/FHA financing and the development of housing during the late 1970's and early 1980's and consulted with housing authorities nationwide. Mr. Newman's background and knowledge is now used by the Manager to obtain favorable debt financing through FHA/Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other financial institutions.

Mr. Newman is also an owner/developer of retail shopping areas geared to national tenants with his partner, Robert L. Stark. Mr. Newman has experience in zoning issues, bond issuances, subsidized housing, market rent multifamily projects and shopping centers. He is also experienced in aspects of the non-profit world, having assisted charities in creating and operating their own housing projects. Mr. Newman's non-business interests include the Akron Art Museum, Aspen Music Festival, Cleveland Orchestra and Jewish Community Center of Akron.

Edward M. Newman, CPM®

Principal / President
Edward Newman, CPM® has been affiliated with Summit Management for over twenty-five years. He is a shareholder of the firm and serves as its President and Chief Executive Officer. He has an extensive background in all aspects of the multifamily housing industry which includes exposure to project-based federally assisted Section 8 and Tax-Credit program's as well as conventional market properties, including a variety of financing methodologies. In conjunction with his present duties, he is responsible for the creation of all long-range organizational planning, including the assessment and evaluation of potential acquisitions, the expansion and rehabilitation of existing assets, and short and long-range budgeting. In the process of these functions and corporate obligations, he has also been integrally involved in a myriad of project refinancing measures for existing properties within the organization's portfolio, ultimately to secure better project financial viability and more favorable terms for owners and investors. Edward Newman was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. He is married and is the father of three children. He is a graduate of Walsh Jesuit High School in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and continued his education at The Ohio State University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is a licensed Realtor and is presently a member of the Akron Area Board of Realtors and the National Board of Realtors. He has continued his track of on-going education in the real estate industry by obtaining a Certified Property Manager (CPM®) designation through the Institute of Real Estate Management (!REM) which maintains its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. !REM awards the Certified Property Manager (CPM®) designation to members who fulfill the vigorous criteria designated by the organization.

Jeffrey P. Shafer

Principal / Chief Financial Officer
Jeffrey P. Shafer is a co-founder of the Manager and has over twenty five years of experience in multifamily debt financing and commercial real estate finance. Mr. Shafer is responsible for overseeing the financing of properties owned by the Manager, as well as the selection of properties purchased based on market analysis and equity performance. He holds a CMB, Certified Mortgage Banker, certification from the Mortgage Bankers Association. Mr. Shafer began his career working in the Finance Department of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). OPIC is a U.S. Government-owned corporation that assists U.S. businesses to invest in developing countries by providing direct loans, loan guarantees and political risk insurance. In 1986, Mr. Shafer entered the private sector as commercial real estate lender with National City Bank, and subsequently as a multifamily mortgage banker with a Fannie Mae DUS lender. In 1993, Mr. Shafer established JS MultiCapital Corporation, which he owns and serves as President. JS MultiCapital is a multifamily mortgage banking firm and a HUD multifamily MAP lender. Since its inception, JS MultiCapital has originated over $1 billion of multifamily loans throughout the United States that have closed with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD. Mr. Shafer works with his staff in the areas of business development, loan underwriting, loan closings and servicing and company administrative matters. JS MultiCapital has earned a profit every year since 1993.

Elan Krueger, PCAM

Vice President — Investor Relations
Assisting the Principals with Investor Relations is Elan Krueger. Mr. Krueger has been a successful entrepreneur and investor in his own right for over 20 years. Originally from California, he worked for Summit Management in Akron, Ohio before relocating to the Washington D.C. Metro Area and spinning off a management company focused on Community Association Management. Mr. Krueger grew the company to 100 associations with over 16,000 homes under management, pursuing both organic growth and strategic acquisitions before selling his ownership in 2014. Mr. Krueger has also led acquisition teams that have bought and sold over $20 million worth of multifamily real estate and has joined the Manager as the point person for investor relations. Mr. Krueger has an outstanding record of customer service and support, honed by years of servicing the non- profit boards of homeowner associations. Mr. Krueger is a former U.S. Army infantry officer and graduate of the prestigious Federal Army Officer Candidate School in Fort Benning, Georgia. He has a BA from UCLA and MA from The George Washington University. He was a regular contributor to Quorum Magazine, the monthly journal for the Community Association Institute. Mr. Krueger has also served on several committees at the CAI, and in addition to his PCAM (Professional Community Association Manager) designation is a licensed real estate broker in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

“Rents grew at a rate of 5.9% nationwide in 2014, and we saw an increase of as much as 9% in some areas of the country this year [2015], particularly in secondary markets like Denver, San Francisco, and Portland.”

- Jess Black,, 2/9/16 -

SMC Fund I, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


The Company is seeking subscriptions for a minimum sixty (60) Class A Units for a purchase price of Thirty Million Dollars ($30 million) (the "Minimum Offering Amount"), and a maximum of one hundred (100) Class A Units for a purchase price of Fifty Million Dollars ($50 million) (the "Maximum Offering Amount"). The price per Class A Unit is Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000). The Manager may, in its discretion, accept subscriptions for one or more fractional Class A Units.

"The Wealthy Turn to Real Estate”


SMC Fund I, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform



The SMC Fund I, LLC 506(c) Investor Portal provides the capability for prospective accredited investors to become approved as a “prospect", review accreditation requirements, request delivery of the Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”) with multiple delivery options (print, electronic, flip book), access management contact information, and view the Company’s SEC Form D filing.

For the Company’s management team, this allows for controlled access to the PPM with the prospect providing contact information and, after approval, being added to the investor prospect database which provides management an effective tool for investor prospect relations and management.


Once a prospective investor has decided they are interested in investing, we can then upgrade the prospect account to “Investor” level access. This access now provides the capability for investors to download subscription documents, specific process information for investing and instructions on transfer of investment funds, investor relations contact information, and the ability to see in real time statistics on the offering.

Investor level access also includes access to an investor relations module that provides Investors the capability to access updates from management, quarterly and annual reports, operations or project updates from the Company, press releases, and Company financials. The portal’s mobile “app” type interface will allow the Company’s management team to review and approve upgrading prospects to “Investor” status from mobile devices in real time.

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Any historical performance data represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results; Current performance may be different than the performance data presented; The Company is not required by law to follow any standard methodology when calculating and representing performance data; The performance of the Company may not be directly comparable to the performance of other private or registered funds or companies; The securities are being offered in reliance on an exemption from the registration requirements, and therefore are not required to comply with certain specific disclosure requirements; The Securities and Exchange Commission has not passed upon the merits of or approved the securities, the terms of the offering, or the accuracy of the materials.

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